New Electives Begin Jan. 9

Genesis: In the Beginning - “Finding Jesus in Genesis”

Led by Keith Sturgill

January 9-February 27

6:30pm in Room 213

A deeper understanding of Genesis provides important context to better appreciate the remainder of God’s written word as well as the remainder of history. In short, an understanding of Genesis is foundational to understanding and living the Christian faith. Within this series of lessons, the goal is to inform and educate each participant to the facts of Genesis as well as introducing the important questions that allow us to deepen our faith. We want everyone to come away with a better understanding of “why they believe what they believe”. Where appropriate, a connection is made to the New Testament, specifically Jesus. Some examples include, Jesus being part of the Holy Trinity from the beginning......Comparing Genesis 1 with John 1.....The need for redemption and the promise of a redeemer in Genesis 3. Genesis is rich and profound. As we think deeply and logically about the events described in Genesis, the rest of history becomes clearer. Genesis points the way to Jesus and redemption. This study takes a conservative viewpoint on the book of Genesis. A literal interpretation is assumed. Multiple examples of apologetics are included to help strengthen our faith and confidence in God’s plan.

1 & 2 Peter

Led by David Mullins

Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Worship Center A/Sanctuary

In his two letters Peter writes to a church that is scattered throughout the Roman world. They are facing many questions as to how they should live and interact with the cultures they found themselves in. We will be digging into his writings to glean not just the historical answers but also how they apply to our congregation in Kingsport in 2019. This class will meet in Worship Center A. It will run through the spring semester. David Mullins will be teaching this class.

Men's Fraternity: The Quest for Authentic Manhood by Robert Lewis

Led by Bob Ross & Chad Garland

Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Room 211

This study is designed to help a man embrace a bolder and more noble concept of manhood. The first of the series, this study leads men along a journey toward real biblical masculinity while fostering deep spiritual, emotional, and personal growth. This study also takes a man inside himself to consider the forces that are shaping — or misshaping — his personal manhood. Men's Fraternity is designed to bring Christian men together in a safe, comfortable setting where they can learn the true, biblical meaning of manhood and honestly share their challenges and concerns.