God Invites You…

God Invites You to Become Involved with Him & His Work Listen in as Phil discusses how to keep our relationship with God in perspective. (The video below was shown toward the beginning of the message in recognition of Mother’s Day.) Click to read Philippians 2:13 at biblegateway.com. Mothers On Strike from CHCC on Vimeo. […]

Just Do This.

Most of us have asked, “God, what do you want me to do?”  On this Youth Sunday, Minister Aaron Tyree walks us through three things that the scripture says the Lord requires.  Read Micah 6:8 at biblegateway.com. Share

A Journey Into Forgiveness

Jesus faced many uncomfortable situations but endured in order to bring forgiveness. Today we hear–and see–real life examples of the freedom that comes with moving out of our comfort zone. (The video below begins 17 minutes and 47 seconds into the message and ends at 32 minutes.) Read Luke 7:36-38 at biblegateway.com. Impact of Kairos […]